Celebrating FIAT History at Butler FIAT

At Butler FIAT we always have an exciting selection of new FIAT vehicles. The full slate of 2015 models including the 2015 FIAT 500 Abarth and the 2015 FIAT 500 Pop are undeniably stylish vehicles and the FIAT brand history is just as interesting as their latest offerings. FIAT is one of the most unique brands on the market with its creative designs and free spirited aesthetic. It's the unparalleled leader in small compact and city cars and you can see our full inventory online on our new car page. You'll appreciate these fine automobiles even more when you learn about their origin.

FIAT merged with Chrysler in 2014 but before that had long been a staple in Italy and Europe with roots as far back as 1899. FIAT is the largest Italian automaker and since its merger with Chrysler it has become the seventh largest automaker in the world! Who knew that such a small vehicle had such a huge enterprise! Well, of course we did here at Butler FIAT and that's why we're so enthusiastic about offering these amazing machines to the fine people of Indiana as your local FIAT dealership serving Indianapolis. The FIAT brand has long been celebrated throughout Italy, Europe, and the rest of the world for its fashionable designs, forward thinking ideals, and unmistakable flair. If you're even in Europe you can check out some of their flagship stores located in Turin, London, and Paris.

The FIAT brand has had many different models offered over the years, 12 of which were awarded the prestigious honor of being European Car of the Year. Award winners date back to 1967 with the FIAT 124 and more recently in 2008 with the FIAT 500, the FIAT brand has cemented itself as a perennial leader. You'll recognize plenty of variants of the 500 model while some of the older models like the Punto, Tipo, and 127 have been discontinued. Needless to say, FIAT has made many terrific improvements over the years. These innovations have been beneficial for their brand as well as the environment thanks to FIAT vehicles achieving terrific gas mileage. This is easy to see when you take a look at recent models like the 2015 FIAT 500L that achieves an EPA estimated 24 miles per gallon city and 33 miles per gallon highway.

Anyone interested in checking out any of the latest spectacular FIAT offerings or lovers of the FIAT brand and Italian design should come on down to see us here at Butler FIAT. We're happy to show you our fleet on a test drive or just have a conversation about this wonderful automaker and share some enthusiasm! With FIAT's 100 plus years of history and plenty of plaudits along the way we won't have a shortage of things to talk about. Our conveniently located dealership on Haver Way in Indianapolis is easy to find. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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